“Jerseylicious” Season 6! The “Unseen” Episodes! The Latest With TV’s “Glamour” Cast!



All Hail “Jerseylicious”!

It was the biggest hit for the style network, and made its cast members stars! But more than that, “Jerseylicious” attracted millions of fans, who watched every week to see how these professional hair and makeup artists from New Jersey handled a myriad of personal and professional issues…

unseen Jerseylicious episodes

The Style network shut down last year, and the final season of “Jerseylicious” – season 6, went un-aired in the US…but was seen by millions of fans around the world! Time to give US fans what they want as well!


“Jerseylicious” Appreciation Day!

Those “lost” episodes have made their way to social media, where fans can now see them in their entirety….I will have more on that in a moment, but first, to say “thank you” to this great cast, here is some “Jerseylicious” appreciation – and a look at what is happening with the cast now – and…

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