Dont tell me my comment can’t be added as its rude…
How the fuck is saying that if a woman wants a abortion she is 100% in titled jeez come on its tje woman who has to go through the damn pregnancy Not a man ok
N its a woman that gives birth

So its a woman’s right to abort a child I know I’ll get hate for this but I wish I had the option of abortion I was forced to keep it by my violent ex n his family.
I lasted a yr n half m I walked out I was sick of his abuse.
He wanted the kid sp bad yeah but get this he forced me to keep it but he ended up giving his rights to his damn mother.
Another fucking lying two faced bitch.
My ex Mal…. mor… is a VIOLENT RAPIST vile nasty bastard.  #fact i even tried to commit suicide because of his beatings.
Im finally happy 18yrs later im happy truly happy in love with an ideal man who loves me is good to me n im his princess I love my fiancé Nathan so so much,  but even now my ex’s horrid mother is lying about me trying to hurt me why why can’t they alll just leave me alone.
Hence I wish id just had n abortion.
See its a women’s choice 10000000000%


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