What the FUCK is it with bullying bastards, I was beaten up by my ex for almost 2yrs this was 20yrs ago but he has decided to make a smear campaign against me all these years later, ive not said anything about what he done to me but you know what im done protecting him, he thinks after all these years im gonna let him still #BULLY me Noooooo way.
Malcolm Morrow you beat me, mentally abused me till I tried to overdose n then pulled a knife the nxt day on me and you RAPED me once because I refused sex after you beat me up. Im NOT afraid of you or your pathetic mother  you CANT bully me  n get away with it. Not now Malcolm ohhh n #karma is a bitch n Karma will get you sooner or later. 
Then you have to answer to your God.


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