Dont you just love The real housewives… I do totes

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I feel like we’ve already digested this episode through the preview clips on Bravo’s website, but apparently there that is going to happen.

We’ll wrap up the Moroccan dinner fiasco – and if you missed the last two blogs, pay attention as Yolanda is talking about Taylor.  In the video clip posted on-line you can clearly hear Kyle is in the background saying “It’s not about the surrogate thing.”  So my question is this.  Knowing that the cameras were rolling, and knowing that Brandi had received some sort of C & D letter from Adrienne and Paul, why are they all still talking about this on camera?

And IMO Adrienne is a complete hypocrite.  She and her chef played dirty pool all last year with Lisa, and then took on Brandi after the reunion, after Brandi gave this interview to Lynn Hudson, where she…

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