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Congratulations to Cat Ommanney on the Birth of her Daughter Zara Isabella

From Cat’s facebook:

Zara Isabella arrived 28.12.12 at 3.45pm. She is the most perfect,absolutely delicious little angel, whom we are all delighted to welcome to the world! Hooray for Zara!! ♥

cat's baby


Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Blogs Blogged by HilDogAtl


Cynthia begins her blog thanking Peter for the wonderful wedding that she had always wanted and that it was simple, exquisite and classy.  (I agree, as I am planning a wedding to my beloved fiancé, I have been begging for us to just quietly wed on a secluded beach with only a few individuals as opposed to this huge soiree that I am having to plan to make my Mom and my fiancé and his family happy!)  Cynthia then gives her thanks and admiration to their dear friend for helping Peter set up a wonderful event…

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