‘RHOA’: Kenya Moore Is Broke & Faking Drama For Cameras

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Everything appears to be glamourous in the life of ‘RHOA’ star, Kenya Moore, but sources say that it’s all just an act. Do you think that Kenya is who she says she is?

Kenya Moore43, has been making headlines for her starring role on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The show has been all about drama this season, and Kenya was almost always at the center of it. However, we have reason to believe that she might just be faking it all for the cameras in attempt to keep from going broke.

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A Real Body Shop: Home-made Vanilla Perfume Oil recipes

lillian y wong

I recently wrote a customer comment to the Body Shop regarding the discontinuation of some of their perfume oils, mainly my favourite: the Vanilla Perfume Oil.  I wrote that I was disappointed by this and one Google search on ‘body shop discontinued vanilla perfume oil‘ showed that I was not the only one.

I also suggested that due to this disappointment a re-launch of these products might make a profitable marketing campaign as consumers of non-essential products would come out for nostalgia alone.

I received a cold and generic form letter and I did not want to settle for that response.

Is vanilla perfume oil so hard to make?   One additional Google search on, ‘vanilla perfume oil recipe’, showed me simple to complex recipes, conversations and ideas all about home-made perfume oils.  I felt like Alice in a whole new Wonderland!

Now a friend once told…

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“Jerseylicious” Season 6! The “Unseen” Episodes! The Latest With TV’s “Glamour” Cast!



All Hail “Jerseylicious”!

It was the biggest hit for the style network, and made its cast members stars! But more than that, “Jerseylicious” attracted millions of fans, who watched every week to see how these professional hair and makeup artists from New Jersey handled a myriad of personal and professional issues…

unseen Jerseylicious episodes

The Style network shut down last year, and the final season of “Jerseylicious” – season 6, went un-aired in the US…but was seen by millions of fans around the world! Time to give US fans what they want as well!


“Jerseylicious” Appreciation Day!

Those “lost” episodes have made their way to social media, where fans can now see them in their entirety….I will have more on that in a moment, but first, to say “thank you” to this great cast, here is some “Jerseylicious” appreciation – and a look at what is happening with the cast now – and…

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Real housewives of Beverly Hills

@KimRichards11 URGH!!! Boooooring or what, n omg can that wretched old wench sh!t stir n then blames others cause knowbody wants to upset poor alcoholic kim in case it relapses so kim “THINKS” it can get away with anything.
Watch kim cause karma is a bitch and will ALWAYS get you.

Real housewives of Beverly Hills

Ooook where to start,  let’s go with kim Richards ummm yeah miss high and mighty just cause she stopped drinking she “thinks” she’s better than everyone else, also she seems more off her head now than when she was drinking.
Adrienne maloof yeah I don’t like Brandi Glanville but all she done was tell the truth camille well glad this is her last season
I can’t believe how everyone seems to be more bitchy this season I really did not think that was possible. Well at least Lisa v has remained a true person throughout the seasons of #rhobh

Real housewives of the oc


Huh!  @vgunvlson#ickivicki stuck up for this vile peice of crap well if she is into that kind of realionship she deserves it.
Ive been in abusive realionships its not nice n I certainly wouldn’t go on tv promoting the guy and asking my friends to bw nice to him.

Real housewives of atlanta

Season 5 #rhoa we now have miss #kenyawhore aka @KenyaMoore she was the first cow bag to insult kim zolciak for dating Big poppa but look at miss whore ohh sorry moore now she is seeing a Married man with kids.
Kenya whore moore is a useless nasty hypocrite with bad dress sence and a waaaaay too high an opinion of herself.


Yip kenya whore that pic is for you