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Hi welcome back to my blog im like gonna be like talking today like about the like over use like of the word LIKE…
Ahhhh! Is anyone else completely sick of people who say like after every second word.
Ie… blah blah like n blah like blah blah blaaaah like but like you blah blah like I know like its just like the blah blah like blahhh fucking blah
STFU! I watched a you tube video n I stopped after about 3mins cause id heard the word “like” about 25 times.
This girl needs to learn that there are millions of words in the English language besides “LIKE”


Yeah yeah im prepared for hate again… but I swear how can people say a “pregnancy” body is beautiful its NOT its discusting, ok ok its my opinion im not cut out to be a Mom it aint me I aint nobody’s mom I do not like kids I don’t want kids never have never will.
If anyone else out there agree with me let me know.
I feel odd just like NEVER wanting kids.
At one stage I was gonna sell my eggs but I do not want any fucking kid with my dna never never never.
Thats it rant over.
Yes im not stupid I know many women want kids n cant have em but its not my fault I don’t like kids I was born that way.

Thats it. Fact
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Dont tell me my comment can’t be added as its rude…
How the fuck is saying that if a woman wants a abortion she is 100% in titled jeez come on its tje woman who has to go through the damn pregnancy Not a man ok
N its a woman that gives birth

So its a woman’s right to abort a child I know I’ll get hate for this but I wish I had the option of abortion I was forced to keep it by my violent ex n his family.
I lasted a yr n half m I walked out I was sick of his abuse.
He wanted the kid sp bad yeah but get this he forced me to keep it but he ended up giving his rights to his damn mother.
Another fucking lying two faced bitch.
My ex Mal…. mor… is a VIOLENT RAPIST vile nasty bastard.  #fact i even tried to commit suicide because of his beatings.
Im finally happy 18yrs later im happy truly happy in love with an ideal man who loves me is good to me n im his princess I love my fiancé Nathan so so much,  but even now my ex’s horrid mother is lying about me trying to hurt me why why can’t they alll just leave me alone.
Hence I wish id just had n abortion.
See its a women’s choice 10000000000%


Gotta love Pooh bear

Icki Vicki Gunvalson

Haaaaa What do you think crying on the show is gonna make people feel sorry for you?
Well Nooooo you have always been a total fucking cow n just cause you cheated on Don n now you’re divorced n want a man n your crying ohhh booo hooo tough shit beeeeach.

My beautiful gift from an amazing fiancé.


Thank you Nathan for this beautiful gift, Angel is my favourite perfume ever. I am so greatfull. #blessed #greatfull #perfume #love

Clinique UK

Dear Clinique UK I am going to email you once more before I take my complaint to a newspaper telling them all about how discusting @Clinique_UK treat their customers.
Your choice

Clinique UK

Ummm where do I start ok first I complained on twitter just a lil rant n fair play @Clinique_US replied immediately but im in the UK so iy was no good I emailed @Clinique_UK but NO response its almost a month now its a damn joke, what is it I dared to complain that their product #allabouteyes burned the shit out of me  n left me with huge puffy red eyes for about 28hrs.
Ohhh well lock me up for telling the truth Clinique.
Huh what this is how you treat your loyal customers.
Ive never had a problem with Clinique before that n its the one damn time ive ever needed to complain n im getting ignored.
This gets me upset I deserve to be treated better than this.

FAKE ass so called friends

Ok miss Jillian leighe,  umm where do I start ok we were friends n then she started to get a lil bullying bitch towards another member of our lil group I believed her lies n I puted the girl as did the others on jillians advice,  BIG MISTAKE I realised that when she done the same to me turned all the girls left in the group to bully me. I have since APOLOGIED to the other girl BIG TIME n I hope one day she forgives me. But twitter @JillianLeighe is a complete and utter BULLY BITCH


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